Should You Attend Motivational Seminars And Why

Motivational seminars can be very helpful. Personally I have attended quite a few of them around the world. I’m a seminar junkie, I must admit. When I first got into seminar stuff was in 2011 when my life was really down.

I was having 3 casual jobs going on to support myself and I was living in a country where I have little to no friends and connections. There were many points in my life where I asked myself what I wanted to do with my life and where am I heading. I was concerning if I was doing the right thing or not.

tony robbinsI got really serious into personal development and I start reading books, lots of self-help books. Then I found people like Tony Robbins which is very inspiring and his philosophy altered my life in a good way. After reading a bunch of his books, I started attending his events.

Tony Robbins’ events are all over the world, I attended the ones in Australia and I know he has many events hold in countries like Singapore, United Kingdom, US and other countries. When my friends in the UK asked me to recommend them some motivational seminars in London, I immediately told them about Tony Robbins UPW event.

Check the video below to learn about this event.

Back to motivational seminar topic, I think everyone who has lost direction in their life or looking for some motivation to push through the challenges and improve their life should go to these kinds of seminars and events. If you are starting a business and you need some motivation and inspiration, these events will help too because they are a great place to network with like-minded people. I still keep in touch with the people I met at the seminars I attended and they are great people. I have them on my Facebook friendlist and every day I can see the positive stuff they share on their wall which helps inspire me and keeps me motivated too.

Besides Tony Robbins, I also recommend to you the list of motivational speakers below so you can attend their seminars:

1. Les Brown

les brownHe’s one of my favourite, he teaches you to have a strong belief in yourself and everything is possible. He also encourages people to set high goals in life and he believes that most people don’t set high goals and miss, they set low goals and hit. I think this is a great quote to think about.

2. Eric Thomas

eric thomasEric is super passionate and his style is unique. He’s all about having the commitment to succeed and no such thing as an overnight success. I favourite quote from him is “if you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe then you will become successful. His motivational videos got millions of views on YouTube.

3. Jim Rohn

jim rohn

Jim was Tony Robbins’s mentor and he passed away in 2009 but he’s still my favourite. The reason is that his philosophy is very basic and common sense that any person can understand. One of his sayings that stuck with me the most is “formal education can make you a living, but self-education can make you a fortune.”

In conclusion, I think you should attend motivational seminars, the ones that can actually help you to be inspired and motivated like Tony Robbins events and the list I showed you above. I see the benefits from going to seminars and I think you will find it helpful for your life too. Feel free to let me know which one is your favourite seminar or who you favourite speaker is.