The title is aspirational, not identifying. Of the three words in this site’s name, “Complete Southern Gentleman,” I’m only absolutely certain that I’m Southern. I’m not presumptuous enough to claim the others, but I hope I’m well on my way there.

The goal of this site is to give you, my friends, a leg up. I want to give you the benefit of years of struggles, goofs, missteps, and misspent money. I’d like to share my philosophy and offer some products for your consideration that I think will enrich your life. This isn’t a fashion site, per se, but one that recognizes that dressing well is an important part of a larger whole. It’s about being a whole man.

I guess before we go much further, I should explain what I think a complete Southern gentleman is.  A complete man, gentle or not, is one who is well rounded. A sound mind in a strong body, well read, well traveled, worldly, moral, and accomplished. A Southerner is someone from one of the states of the American South. If you think your home is Southern, you’re a Southerner. Even if you’re from South Hampton or SoCal, y’all come. A gentleman is a man of manners and taste. He’s never rude unintentionally, and not given to vulgarity of speech or behavior. A complete Southern gentleman is thus self-contained, ever-capable, deep-rooted, and conscious of the effect of his actions on others.

There’s so much more to it than that, of course!